Is Google Analytics Enough For Client Reporting

Good client reporting system is a definite must for any serious SEO service provider. While many SEO firms use Google Analytics for client reporting, it is not the most effective solution. And here is why.
Google Analytics reports show only a snapshot of current SEO stats for a client site, mainly traffic and visits related data. While this data is crucial, success in SEO is not defined by traffic and visits alone.
In order to increase website’s traffic volume, lots of other things need to be done: keyword research, on-page optimization, backlink building, and more. Doubtlessly, you are doing all these things for your client sites, but are you reporting on these activities? And what are you going to do when a client asks you one day for a detailed backlink and keyword ranking report?
So you see, as effective as Google Analytics gets, it is not enough for client reporting as it misses out on essential SEO metrics which your clients wants and should know about.
So if Google Analytics is not enough for client reporting, what is?
The answer is professional SEO reporting software. And among dozens of SEO reporting products on the market today, there is one that clearly stands out. SEO PowerSuite made by a company called Link-Assistant.
Made up of 4 powerful SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite toolkit reports not just on traffic and visits stats taken from Google Analytics but also covers dozens of other SEO metrics from keyword research and rank checks to on-page optimization and backlink research. You are looking at nearly a hundred SEO variables and over a dozen of ready-made SEO reports.
First thing that strikes you in SEO PowerSuite reports is that all of them are fully customizable. You can easily add your company logo, change colors and add new styles to any report. You can even change report sections and add your own SEO metrics making a report into your unique brand.
Another great feature is that all SEO PowerSuite reports are generated in a flash, you just need to enter site URL, let the software collect data and create a report in 2 or 3 seconds. SEO PowerSuite reports present current and historical data in clear-cut graphs, visual diagrams, tables and step-by-step instructions. And best for last – all the reports come with a Web 2.0 design, which makes them look laconic and eye-catching at the same time. My clients love them. So will yours!
A crucial factor to keep track of is backlinks. Use special backlink tools to get reports on where competitors get their top links. And finally, you need to have a full picture of your own current and potential link providers. So use special link building reports to assess and expand your link-building portfolio.
Among dozens of companies which claim to provide most effective SEO reporting software, there is one that clearly stands out among the rest. I am talking about Link-Assistant and their SEO PowerSuite toolkit that makes detailed and information-rich SEO reports within a few seconds.
SEO PowerSuite reports will assist you in every aspect of SEO: Keyword Rankings, Onpage SEO and Backlinks � in other words, all things that make your website succeed.