The Vital Performance Metrics Of An Seo Campaign

Once you are through with the process of optimizing your website, the next big thing you wish to perform is judging the overall performance of your efforts .i.e. your website. After all, it is all about gauging your well-planned SEO strategies that have been focused to accomplish better performance and a high ranking on major search engines. Every search engine optimization campaign is devised with the objective of gaining top rankings on the search engine results pages. However, to actually attain your most preferred position on the search engine index, it is mandatory for you to understand and then implement the important performance metrics that are responsible for getting your website at the top spot and also help you uphold your position on the search engine results page.

Mentioned below are some of the most important metrics that you need to assess while viewing the overall SEO performance of a website.

Rankings: The main motive behind the purpose of getting the top most ranks on the search engines is actually exposing your website to a much bigger and more potential customer base. In fact, this is the reason why it is believed that your ranking is directly proportional to the quality of traffic that your website receives. Moreover, better quality traffic ensures better prospects of conversions.

Traffic: Traffic referred by search engines is of no use if it does not deliver your targeted visitors. Hence, receiving heavy volume traffic is worthless if it does not carry your potential customers. To maximize traffic conversion, the website owner has to be very specific and particular about his keywords; a website must contain all well researched and most sought-after keywords. Statistically, it is basically the rate of conversion that measures and decides the success rate of a particular website. As an important metric for measuring the SEO success of your website, it is critical that you utilize the right set of keywords and bring the right kind of traffic to increase your conversions.

Conversions: Conversion rate is very important to evaluate a site’s SEO performance. Conversions are actually the number of visitors acting upon your desired action such as buying your product or registering to your site. It can be openly associated with take rates or interest levels of the visitors. Hence, in order to improve your conversion rate, it is quite mandatory for you to work on improving your take rates as well. In fact, things that can improve your conversion rates are concise and easy to understand online forms, protecting personal and confidential information, simple navigations and etc.

Take Rates: And finally, the take rate, which is basically, the percentage of visitors showing interest in your product or service. However, this rate does not indicate that all visitors will eventually turn into buyers. It only provides an estimation of people actually interested in your business.